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The Spinal Flow Technique™ was founded by former chiropractor Dr Carli Axford. It is a non-invasive healing modality that assists the body in locating blockages in the spine that can show up throughout the body as pain, illness, dis-ease and disease.


     Gentle yet Profoundly Powerful


Spinal Flow® practitioners work with the 7 gateways of the spine, the nervous system and the brain in locating and releasing these spinal blockages. Access points are located along the sacrum, coccyx and cranium.

Connect  to the Body’s Innate Wisdom to Heal Itself


There is an innate wisdom inside all of us that has a natural healing capacity to mend, reset and heal. Just as our gut digests our food and our hair grows, our body knows how to heal via the brain, the spine and the nervous system. This technique transforms people’s wellbeing by connecting them to what already works in their body, and then allows space for the expansion of the spinal wave to flow from the coccyx to the cranium. When there is flow, ease and flexibility in the spine, our organs and cells receive messages from the central nervous system to release the layers and symptoms of emotional, physical and chemical stressors we have experienced in life. When this happens healing is taking place, resulting in improved health and overall wellbeing.

Healing via the Brain, Spine and Nervous System


During a session: you may experience movement, emotions surfacing, breath expansion or perception. Everyone’s body shows up differently. Note that you are fully clothed throughout the treatment. Wearing loose pants is recommended. Do allow 60 minutes for your initial consultation. Following treatment sessions will be around 20-to-30-minutes


After a session: do drink plenty of water. You may feel different emotions and physical feelings coming up, or not. As the layers within the body’s blockages release, change is happening and as change happens the body needs time to adapt. If you have any reactions that you are unsure of, then please let me know as soon as possible. 

  • For more information click the link to watch Dr Carli Axford explaining Spinal Flow:


The 7 Gateways of the Spine


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