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Scared Energy Healing also known as Reiki is a Japanese healing modality founded by Dr Mikao Usui, who tapped into the universal life force of unconditional love. This is a nonintrusive healing technique in which the practitioner works with the client’s biofield (electromagnetic field- matrix that connects our emotional, mental and physical dimensions, communicating to our entire organism). This can be done with or without touch to remove stagnant energy and clear blockages that can enable the healing energy of life force to flow through. Clients remain fully clothed and can choose to lie on a massage table or to sit in a chair. I call in and work with 100% pure Divine light; unconditional love to assist with this sacred healing modality.


     * 20 minutes $60  

     * 30 minutes $75 

     * 45 minutes $95

     *  1 hour $120  

     * 75 minutes $145

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Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

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