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Sacred Souls:
Healing Hearts

Empowering Hearts to Heal

Soul Inspired

I would like to thank you for finding your way to this page. I am a certified Spinal Flow Technique™ Practitioner, certified Soul Inspired Oracle Card Reader, and a Sacred Energy Reiki Master, who is authentically passionate about empowering the lives of others.

If you are ready to create space for your body's innate intelligence to guide you to optimal health in all areas of your life, then contact me for an appointment to journey into the golden threads of love, fulfilment, transformation and ultimate healing.

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My Journey

I have been on my spiritual journey for as long as I can remember. As a young child there were certain things I could sense and feel, and messages I would receive. My mother called these moments as having a 'discernment', and I am sure she had many of these moments herself. 


Working through and going deep to heal from great loss and pain, has ignited and awakened a heightened sense of these intuitive gifts and blessings that I am called to share with others. Moments of courage to give myself permission to face and feel intense rawness and vulnerability has not only shaped who I am now, yet continues to shape who I am becoming. 


"Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." Napoleon Hill

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Healing and Transformation

Gratitude, contribution, growth, authenticity, love; adding value to the lives of others resonates strongly in my metaphysical and physical being.


Guided by Divine intervention, creating sacred space for my clients to connect into their Soul's intuitive wisdom, asking deeper questions to go within to find the answers their Body, Mind and Soul seek. To heal. To Transform. To move beyond  limitations, and to make life empowering decisions to be the person you were born to be. 

I choose LOVE.
I choose JOY.

Healing Modalities Offered 

Grief Care Support for Grieving Pet Owners

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Reiki Masters - Sacred Energy Healing

Soul Inspired Oracle Card Readings

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Angeleen Thora Managh

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Spinal Flow Technique™ Practitioner 

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Client Testimonials

My Soul Inspiring Oracle Card Reading with Angeleen was amazing! Before I had this I was feeling anxious & arguing with my husband of 40 years. Each card I picked was positive for a year of embracing new things, enjoying life & rekindling of love. I felt so reassured the tension was released from my body. Thank you Angeleen, I really needed this and I would certainly recommend a ‘Soul Reading’ to anyone.
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I had a Soul Oracle Card Reading  with Angeleen and it was so inspiring. Each card I turned so perfectly supported the previous card to reveal my years journey of personal growth. Afterwards I felt so grounded and connected, it was so lovely to feel such clarity and focus. Thank you, Angeleen, for sharing your talent. I would definitely recommend anyone to get a Soul reading. ​
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Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

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